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Displaced Ducklings Adoption Community
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Welcome to The Displaced Ducklings Adoption Pages!

Last Update: 1/19/04

This is part of a small but committed community of people who have been touched by adoption. We invite anyone involved in the triad to join us.

We hope to bring about more and more reunions. If we can help one more person find their loved ones, then we have done a lot. Best to all.

Note to all:

We are sorry to announce that our founding duckling has had to distance herself from this site.  She was able to find her birth mother and as they were building a relationship via email, her mother cut off all communication without any explanation.  She has found it too painful to continue working on this site but we will try to take up the slack.  We hope that your reunions fare better.

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Our Ducklings LOVE this Site!

The above link is for children and we believe you and your family will enjoy it. Please share it with your ducklings.


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Displaced Ducklings - An online community for people who have been touched by adoption.

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